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Alpha Impact - A Brand with Demand.





















































































































































































































































#1 Pheromone Brand for Alpha Men In over 47 Countries   

Alpha Impact  - Special Business Opportunity:



Alpha Impact Best Selling Pheromone Products Are So Special, That With A Slight Promotion In The Chain Stores & Fragrance Store's; Sales can Reach 437% FASTER Than Just About Any Other Promoted Skin Care Product.

A picture of the first pheromone soap in the world!  A HOT PRODUCT IN YOUR STORE!                                             


You are now definitely ahead from all your business competition and just by reading this page you will understand why…


  •  Are you interested in very high margins of profits from a guaranteed Pheromone brand with demand?
  • Are you interested a profitable business relation from the First Dead Sea cosmetic factory with its own Pheromone R&D center (since 1982), that knows what it takes to succeed? (Delivering on time volume quantity, all necessary documentation for export, unique products that others don't manufacture…and much more) 
  • Are you interested in establishing a relation with a factory who manufactures for world-renowned companies such as Wella Cosmetics, Body Shop, Hilton International?  


Are You a Mega Distributor? A National Chain Store? Dear Corporate Business:

  • We are now searching for mega national distributors & partnerships for our “Alpha Impact” brand in several countries – Contact Now to verify the status of "Alpha Impact" brand in your country. 


Are you a perfume store? 
Are you a pharmacy, beauty or health store?
Are you a spa or health resort?
Are you a "mens gift shop" or "sex store"?
Are you selling in a mall?


If you have landed on this page, it is certainly not by accident!


The New Alpha Impact Collection is Distributed in Over 47 Countries.

By The Worlds Top Fragrance Distributors


You Could Earn 35% - 400% Profits (or MORE!) By Purchasing From A Distributor of Alpha Impact In Your Area.  We Distribute Our Products Through The Major Professionals Channels And Dedicated Medium Size Distributor's Worldwide;
Contact Us For An Alpha Impact Status Distributor In Your Area.


Do You Realize How Exciting This Is?

For Countries With No Distributors, In Less Than 48 Hours We Will Find The
Best Shipping Quote For Your Container –
Ready to Deliver



Testimonial from a Major USA Leading Distributor:
Alpha Impact provides us with highly attractive packaging, superb product and excellent support.  They take care of the hard work and get what we need where we need it, on time. This allows us to focus on creating numerous cutting edge approaches to getting the products to market.  We invite you to discuss ways we can help you increase your US sales of Alpha Impact products. Shlomo Colish  866-485-8355




Discover Why Alpha Impact Cosmetic Fragranced Products Are the Most Desirable in the Wholesale Industry:

n This Short Briefing, By Having A Profitable Business Relation With Us You Will Benefit From:


1.       Unmatched wholesales prices.

2.       High-level of personal customer service

3.       Flexible order quantity

4.       Direct delivery from the from our region to anywhere in the world

5.       Can delivery any quantity and deliver on schedule.

6.       Opportunity to be part of the fastest growing fragrance pheromone brand in the world today.

7.       Dealing with the world's top major factory for cosmetics (click and a new window will open)  with a history of over two and a half decades which:

7.1.    Has the widest range of luxurious formulas

7.2.    Is the first manufacturer from the Dead Sea area with largest pheromone R&D fasicility. (click and a new window will open)  

7.3.    Is the source manufacturer of the pheromone industry

7.4.    Manufactures with strict standards of production standards. 

8.       Approvals and verifications include:

8.1.    FDA approvals

8.2.    ISO9001 standards

8.3.    Clinically-tested products

8.4.    “Green”, environmentally-sensitive production facility

8.5.    All products are not tested on animals



Most importantly benefit from products that are already in demand & that people have desire to keep on buying / using.




                                  Price & Quality Ratio Guarantee:

We are the source of our products and many private label productions, this means - There is no serious competition for Alpha Impact factory direct prices!

in relation to quality and market demand- on the entire market.
You can be confident -
this our 100% Quality & Price Ratio Guarantee.  


Note: All our superior products we offer are all backed up by ingredient analysis tests and with the Israeli Ministry of Health verifications of quality for smooth delivery to any country.



100% Business Relation You Can Trust:

The #1 business trade portal in world (a business web site with more traffic than featured us as a "success story" in the branded cosmetic industry category; it appeared on the top home page of Alibaba for one full week! This is not to impress you, but impress upon you the light of opportunity and trust we have from the fragrance & cosmetic trading industry.



This is how it looked like when we appeared as a success story on home page:




Click Here to read about Alpha Impact successful founders and it's major background - one of the largest cosmetic industry companies. (part of the paloma group)
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Rather than spending your valuable time on figuring out what works and what doesn't. Doesn't it make a lot more sense to be where there is a market demand and experience sales results you are after on a greater level?


Yes? No?


If you answered "Yes," and you want to experience the growth & higher margins that the best selling Alpha Impact products will bring to your business - starting right now:



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        Yours Sincerely,

            Alpha Impact -  CEO







Frankly, you're going to have an unfair advantage, because for over two decades we have trudged through the trial and error to make everything smooth and easy for you. This way you can spend your time on more important issues such as marketing, sales & management.




Here's the truth: Even if you find another legitimate source of pheromone based products, your daily routines of dealing with 3rd parties that are not the factory, i.e. e-mail correspondence of stock availability, (etc.) can consume your entire workdays. To be serious; your business will no longer grow -- because you'll have no time left to take it to the next level


Contact Us now to begin a profitable business relation. 

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